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Life is full of challenges. Changes aren’t always easy to achieve and certainly not always fun. If life turns into a question of survival, instead of joy and growth, then it's time to take action.

I'm Diana Bakker, a naturopathy healthcare provider and coach. I work in a holistic manner with children, adults and companies and my practice is called Tuzayly. The name is a symbol of hope and the promise for a new beginning. That is what I want to work on, together with you: a new beginning, a new, fresh look at your life so you can relax again. My goal is to bring about a change which leaves you transformed, while you remain the same person.

Changes which can get you out of balance:
• A separation or divorce
• The birth of a first child
• Dismissal
• Moving home
• Loss and mourning
• Physical complaints
• Mental complaints
• Personal development
• Meaning of life

Want to experience it yourself?
Are you ready to work on your own development and to get started? Are you prepared to change based on your own accountability and motivation? Are you looking for insight and do you want to be in contact with your own inner core? Then Tuzayly is the right choice for you.

Paramedical naturopathy therapists work according to five naturopathy principles: energy, stimulus transfer, drainage, nutrition, psyche.


Experience Tuzayly’s relaxing massages

From 1 February 2012,
you can sign up for a:
• Hotstone massage
• Gemstone massage
• Lomi Lomi massage
(for women only)
• Metamorphosis massage

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