I would very much appreciate receiving your feedback / comments on our sessions together. Just send me an email via info@tuzayly.nl and I’ll make sure your text appears here below.

If people were to ask me: ‘Think up a nice piece for Diana’, I would only be able to say that the term “think up” isn’t at all appropriate. Especially because, in my view, it gives the impression that would I need to invent something, so that the text becomes more like a filler.
This is not true! Quite the opposite in fact. It’s not about that at all, the way her sessions go, at least that’s my experience.
Diana has a way of transforming a meeting with her into something extraordinary. She brings you something, namely a confrontation with yourself, self-realisation in fact!
The only thing I can say is: Try it yourself!!

Regards, Ad


I have the feeling that she has put my life back on track, to what life’s really about: the essence!

Regards, Els


Diana is the first ' therapist ' to touch my inner being.
Someone who ensures that I finally dare to say and think what lives in the depths of me.
Open and honest in a way that was very confrontational. But in a good way.
Of the several people I have spoken to, Diana is the first to really work together with me to get a better understanding of myself and where I am going in this world.
I'm not ready yet, but I am grateful to her, and myself!
In addition, she`s just a wonderful down-to-earth woman who speaks my language ...


I go to Diana because I have been feeling very tired for years now,
I have tried all sorts of other things. For example, iron tablets, B12 injections, a special diet etc.
I also consulted an internist who said that the fatigue was a problem “between my ears”.
This made me very angry back then.
Now that I have been coming to Diana for a while I notice that it is indeed an issue between my ears, but Diana treats me with respect. It feels very unlike the internist.
She teaches me to look at things from another perspective and to approach challenges in a different way.
The nice part of it is that she gives me practical tips that I can easily fit into my daily life. During the sessions we always first talk about what happened since the previous session. We then discuss what went well and what didn’t go well.
If things didn`t go as well as I would have wanted, we work through them and look for options for me to deal with them. Then we do a visualization exercise. During this exercise she works on an energetic level for me.
All in all I think it’s a very fine treatment. And most important of all ... it works!! I'm definitely not there yet, but I feel so much better than when I first came to her. I am filled with confidence for the future!


Because of my divorce and what I've experienced so far in my life, I became entangled in a web I could not escape from on my own. I was trapped.
Diana helps me with this, she gives me insights, so I become clear-headed and everything gets into perspective.
She gives me tools to use and these tools allow me to work on themes on my own.
I experience Diana’s treatments as very positive, and notice perceptible differences.


Diana asked me to write a few words for her first website.
Jose, can you express in words how you are experiencing our sessions?
I've been trying to put into words what I feel during the sessions at Diana’s.
You can imagine that in your life there are unsettling situations, or situations where you don't know how you want to continue.
What Diana provides is an entirely different way of looking (and experiencing) the situation at hand, and experiencing it in a new way.
Which creates a clear view on how to act on challenges in a supporting way, peace and inner knowing instead of acting on blind panic or not acting at all.
This gives me an enormous amount of calm and confidence in life.
I realize now that I have been polluting myself enormously, with thoughts about myself, about others, the world – you name it – which are not true at all.
Now that I have been going through this process for a while, I am noticing that nothing is as it seems to be, everything is a mere projection of what I think it is.
Bit by bit I see through these thought patterns and can see my own silliness.
Then comes the moment to break down the pattern, and just like an old house that is going to be demolished, it’s time to get rid of the debris.
Diana can help you deal with this element of insight, the depleting and the draining.
But you must realize that you have to do most of it yourself, Diana is there to show you the way, to give you the tools you need and to assist you wherever you need help or guidance.
To do this she uses a variety of different techniques, but I would say to you: prepare to be surprised and experience it yourself.
Because, however convincing this piece of writing is, it’s still only my interpretation of what happened at that moment in time, you can have your own experience if you want.
Try it!


Diana teaches me to see the patterns I get stuck in and helps me to get them clear in my mind and to release them.
Patterns which hinder me in living my life based on completeness and love.
An awareness-raising process that removes illusion.
The fog retreats.
I grow through challenges and am sometimes surprised when I observe myself.
Diana lets me see things as they are and not as I think they are.
They are not good or bad, not pretty or ugly. They just are!
Often this is a mental awareness, but increasingly an inner knowing.
Then I feel that it's true and I am in the here and now.

I got a card with a poem on it. The poem is from Peter Geraedts and is called:

The person I was,
I am no more.
The one I am,
Will not last,
And the one I become,

In this transformation I exist .


Diana is a warm person. Thanks to her unique coaching technique I now dare to be who I actually am!

I have a lot of experience with the treatments, my experience is that each treatment is a different experience, giving me more insights into myself. But in the end it’s you who has to get started, using these tools.


Discover what exists. Visible or not, know that there is.

Listening to words that may or may not be spoken. Which have shown to me the other places.

Words, images that let me experience what it means to be the unique and integral part of that space waiting to be discovered if I choose to experience.

For the thinker it`s definitely not easy to let go of the familiar, to leave behind the child by virtue of the gift of knowledge. Provided by the spark smoldering in me.

The times I observed, brighter in my mind than my image in a mirror, making choices based on the feeling of the deepest inner core, visible, tangible created by your tuning in to help me.
Touching unlimited universes with an unlimited essence.

The everything, born in that millisecond that we don't need to understand, and the nowhere together made me who I should be.
As choice, my found Grail. Knowing that even the words are vibrations.