My life's path has offered me many challenges and themes along the way. Born in 1965, as a child I noticed that I picked up other people’s emotions easily. Too easily. They made me sick – literally. Thanks to my search for answers, my world changed. Now I finally feel I’m me: loving and powerful.
I have been putting my personal life experience to use for the benefit of children, adults and companies since the late 1990s. I will accompany you on your personal quest for answers. Every single time this is pure joy.
Nature is a great source of inspiration for me. I like crystals very much. Crystals have a primeval source, they are made in nature and each one is unique. The authenticity and the power of nature fascinates me. This is where I get my inspiration from, besides, of course, my family and our two cats.
So that I continue to be the best possible guide for you, I am constantly working on my own development. My approach is holistic, using techniques from different courses and spiritual currents. I am a qualified naturopathy health care professional, coach, healer, reader, crystal therapist and ascension healer. I also have knowledge of meditation, auras, chakras, energy, breathing and sound. Previously I worked as a maternity nurse and in a children’s welfare centre. I have also successfully completed a First Aid course covering basic medical knowledge.